Reflection of the week

Reflection of the week...

I find myself worrying less and less about having clear a design process established.

I can do this because my team has really strong instincts to find the right method for the right problem at the right time. When someone doesn’t know where to go next, they ask for help. When something works, we share how and why it worked. Much of the process is emergent and ever-changing. I haven’t felt the need to draw a process diagram in more than a year. I’m really grateful for this team and it’s culture.

Because culture eats process for breakfast.

Thank you for rocking! Natalia Patiño, Nata Suu, Iñigo Hernández Muguruza, Florian (Fritz) Friesinger, Kathryn Thomas Hastings, Vinícius Krause, Lauren Nielsen, Sheeva Seyfi, Robert March, Sally Kühnlein, Kayla Svoboda, Sebastian Ploner, Jonathan Arnold